Reconnect with Exercise and Questions

In this sometimes not-connected-as-much-as-we-wished world of social media, I love ways that reconnect people.  In this technological world of social media and too much sitting, I love exercise. Best of all, I love reconnecting people-friends, spouses, co-workers, parent/child, anyone, and everyone- through exercise! Taking a walk is a stress free way to reconnect  I find this article by Brian Becker, former leader at Wheat Ridge Ministries, (that's how our paths connected) very fascinating. Although it is written for leadership, it is still applicable as great discussion starters while you walk with a loved one. Read this article linked below. Then today, ask someone to go walking with you and utilize the ideas in this article.

I Talk Too Much…So Ask More Questions

A few of  the questions Brian Becker suggests in this article:
"Notice that each question starts with “what.” What questions have two important components: 1) the questions don’t feel judgmental and 2) they’re open ended, so they elicit conversation and thinking.

  1. What is it that you really want?
  2. What about that is important to you?
  3. What about this (decision) most aligns with your values? What’s the main lesson in this for you?
  4. What if you did…?"

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  1. Hi Karen - I'm glad you found the blog post helpful. Blessings to you and your important ministry around health and wellness...helping us all to be more of who God intended us to be.